About Me

I am a teacher by trade, a theatre director by calling, and a facilitator throughout life.

I was born in Moscow and my degree is in Teaching. I taught at multiple schools in Moscow for 17 years and at the same time, for 6 years, I played at the Student Theatre in Moscow State University. At every school that I taught, I was the head of the theatre groups.

In 1999, I immigrated to Toronto, Canada. Currently, I work at a childhood creativity development center “Pochemuchka”. I was one of the founding members of the center which was created 16 years ago. I am the chief director and teacher of the dramatic arts for the children’s Russian theatre “Zhili-Bili”. Over the years, we have delivered numerous plays for both children and adults.

My deepest conviction – anyone can act in a theatre, the most important thing is – desire!

My principle – I accept all students, regardless of ability.

Theatre is my raison d’être, my passion, my love!

But there is another side to my life – channelling. The ability for clairaudience opened to me when I was 27 years old. Even in childhood, I was a very sensitive girl: I had vivid dreams, some of which came true. Then my mom taught me how to tell fortunes on cards (regular playing cards, not Tarot). She, herself, read cards very well. I read cards for all my friends, and almost always I was right… I stopped after I foretold my friends that he’ll meet a woman and his wife will become jealous and there will be a huge scandal. That was what the cards told me. We even laughed with him, because at that time everything was great with his wife… Everything happened exactly the way the cards foretold, and since we were on vacation together, the drama unfolded right in front of my eyes. This made such an impression on me, that I stopped telling fortunes for a long time… I took the cards back into my hands recently, by the pressing request of my 18 year old daughter. Everything worked out just the way the cards foretold, again. But now, I already know why. It’s not because I read the cards so well, but because I tuned to the person and read the information that was given to me. It is a process called channeling.

It has been 25 years since I realized I was clairaudient. In that time, I took a long journey to discover myself. I read tonnes of literature and met many people; a priceless experience for me.

I also performed information reading séances for my friends and acquaintances.  During that time, I have learned much, and earned a certificate for facilitation in “Spiritual Psychology” by the method of Steve Rother. Now I perform reading séances professionally.

Steve Rother is the author of many books, a famous speaker and leader of seminars. Information that he receives, by the manner of channelling, is meant for all of humanity. He and his wife, Barbara, were invited 5 times to the UN to perform a channelling. Steve and Barbara are wonderful, warm people, radiating energy and love. More detailed information about Steve and Barbara Rother can be found here.

There is another very important part of my life: my family. I have a wonderful husband and four children. I have 3 sons that are 28, 25, and 12 years old and a daughter who is 20 years old. They are my support that helps me continue on my journey in spiritual development, evolve professionally, and be happy!