This Life Lesson teaches to express the power of your own “self”.

People who learn the lesson of Creation come to the Earth with a very bright energy and great creative abilities. However, at the same time, they believe in their insufficiency and are perfectionists. (Perfectionism is the point of view “If you can’t do it perfectly well it’s better not to do it at all”)

These people can create masterpieces and do not understand their value. A connoisseur would say “Oh, this painting is wonderful!” the Painter who is learning the Lesson of Creation would reply “Oh no, the upper left hand corner must be fixed!” Most probably the painter, influenced by his perfectionism, would sell this painting for very little money because he does not think his work is ideal. There is a concept “a syndrome of a starving artist” because usually these people, while creating masterpieces, do not have money. Money is not important for them. Alternatively, such a person could be a smart assistant or helper who does all the most important work in a project and lets his boss reap all the benefits.

Another scenario: a wife who creates through her husband. For example, a successful businessman who boasts that he is forward-looking, business-oriented and prosperous. His wife sometimes gives advice or an idea, or makes a necessary phone call. The husband does not value her input, belittles her abilities, and thinks that she does not worth much. Let’s imagine they divorce. Suddenly the husband’s business falls apart. Why? Because the true creator was his wife.

The “Blind spot” of these people is that they do not perceive unique character of their creations. They sincerely believe that everybody can do what they do. Otherwise, they want to be executors under someone’s orders. This way they can avoid responsibility for their “not ideal” creations.

The key to pass this Lesson: Learn to take responsibility for one’s own creations and create with awareness. This way such people will feel their full personal power.

Alexandra – a teacher and a theatre director (it is a story about me)

Alexandra (Sasha for short) was born in a family where her father was a prominent scientist and earned good money, and her mother was a housewife and raised her three children. When she was six years old he father died. Her mother did not work, and they lived on a pension that they were receiving for the father. In these years Sasha believed in two things: “It is shameful to be rich” (her father’s words) and “there’s always a shortage of money, so we have to economize” (her mother’s words). Little Sasha believed in insufficiency. Sasha was the youngest of all sisters, and when her father died (she was only 6 years old), everybody was expressing their pity with her: “Poor orphan! She is so little and lost her father!” Thus, a pity for herself was ingrained in her. Her mother was a strong manipulator: “If you don’t play the Cherny etude three times you won’t go to play outside!” and so on. Besides, mother thought that her daughter is NOT capable of anything, NOT so smart as the oldest daughter, NOT so beautiful as the middle daughter… can NOT choose things for herself, in short, Sasha’s low self-esteem was guaranteed!

Sasha still idolized her mother! Because she lost her father so early, she unconditionally trusted her mother. So, when she had to choose her future profession and said that she would like to become a theatre director, her mother objected. She said NO! And it was enough for Sasha even not submit her application there. Her mother’s words meant a lot for her! These words were the ultimate truth! (disbelief in her own creativity). Sasha became a teacher. Her studied in a college, then in the university, then went to work in school. In every school where she worked she organized a drama club. Theatre remained her most favourite and desirable thing that she adored dong. From the age of 18 Sasha was taking part in amateur drama performances, so she could give way to her creativity. However, as she never received a formal education as a director, she always thought that everything she was doing was just a child’s play. When she moved to Canada, Alexandra suddenly found herself in the role of a director! She started staging and directing! One would think that she was absolutely happy! But when after each of her performances spectators would come up to her and say “How wonderful! You are great!” she would think that everything happened on its own. For quite a long time she could not realize that she was truly talented! Besides, her perfectionism got in the way. Yes, the performance was fine, but there were some minor drawbacks. And during this time Sasha did not have any extra money because she believed into insufficiency since her childhood. “Let me have some money that will be enough, I don’t need anything extra!”

Those people who work on Lesson of Creation usually do not realize that they are talented. They think that everybody can do it (draw a picture, play the guitar, direct performances, and so on). They are very critical to themselves and are striving to be perfect. And, of course, there’s a “syndrome of a starving artist”! They act like magicians, but they always experience a lack of money.

In this case Lesson of Creation can be learnt through the Energy Matrix. It can not be removed, you can only master it. It is necessary to understand that nobody can do things like you do them. Everyone is unique, but on top of that you have amazing creative powers, which (on condition of healthy and adequate self-esteem and a belief in abundance) can help you realize your potential and be happy!

Isn’t it what everyone is striving to achieve?