Energy Matrix and Energy Stamp

In this section I will tell you different people’s life stories which serve as examples of Life Lessons. I will do it for most common lessons.

For me to show the essence of each person’s problem in the best possible way, it is necessary to learn two most important concepts in Spiritual psychology: Energy Stamps and The Energy Matrix.

An Energy Stamp is a feeling that gets imprinted in us for a very long time. Energy stamps are immediate results of our feelings, and they help us learn our main Life Lessons. As you know, a person learns only on his/her own mistakes while suffering and experiencing feelings. An Energy Stamp can be completely removed or healed. If an Energy Stamp is healed, it affects both the past and the future. So, you cure yourself, your parents and your children.

The Energy Matrix is the medium for energy where your energy spirit stays during this incarnation (life). Before being born, our soul chooses the most convenient Energy Matrix that will help it learn its main Life Lessons during this life. The Energy Matrix cannot be healed because there is nothing wrong in it. You can only learn to use it.

So, an Energy Stamp is something a person receives after birth, and the Energy Matrix is something he already has when he comes to this world. In some cases it is important to decide what is what, and in some cases it does not matter. Everything depends on each life situation which a client decides to bring up at a session. Let us see some examples.

All stories represented here are published with the permission of my clients.