Spiritual Psychology

– Who out of all of us doesn’t want to be happy?

– There are always ever-present problems that don’t allow us to fully enjoy and feel true happiness…

– We’re always running somewhere, always busy with something; family, kids, work…

We only stop either when we get sick, or hit another reoccurring “wall”. That’s when the ultimate question sets in – WHY? Why did I get sick? Why can’t I find a way out of this mess again? Why am I constantly making the same mistakes? Why can’t I, someone who has so much potential, overcome such simple problems? It turns out that we don’t know the first thing about ourselves. We never took the time to sit down and think “Who am I? What do I, personally, need to be happy?”

One often asks another: “What do you want most in life?”

“What do you dream of?”

It turns out that most don’t dream, don’t want, and don’t wish…Everything just kind of happens – people just stay busy, step by step, brick by brick, and before you know it life has passed you by…

It’s time to put things in their place. Everyone comes to a point in their life when it becomes imperative to find an answer to the main question: “Who am I?”, “What am I doing here, on Earth?”, “What are my life lessons?”

It is exactly these questions that you can find answers to through                              SPIRITUAL PSYCHOLOGY (Steve Rother’s facilitation methods).

The goal of  SPIRITUAL PSYCHOLOGY is twofold: to help understand one’s current spiritual state and properly analyze one’s life situation in order to identify his/her life lessons. Essentially, to rise above all the everyday fuss and get a “bird’s eye” perspective on one’s life.

Only then, when we view our life experience as a process of spiritual development of the self do we begin to understand the answers to the main questions in life:


It’s exactly this kind of person that is truly happy, is it not?